Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists support people to do the things they want to do
in their lives.

Through a holistic approach, our therapists will work with you to improve your capacity and make tasks easier.

Our therapists also understand the importance of being able to live life to the fullest. As such we will help you build your skills and construct an environment that allows you to optimally engage within your home and the community.


Some tasks that our Occupational Therapists can help with include

  • Home Modification recommendations
  • Functional Assessments
  • Assessments for appropriate Housing
  • Assessments for SIL requirements
  • Skill and capacity building
  • Equipment review, trials and recommendations
  • Wheelchair prescription
  • Functional skill training
  • Individualised therapy plans
  • Personal ADL assessments and management
  • Community engagement assessment
  • Falls Prevention and awareness programs
  • Sensory Assessments and therapies
  • Environment recommendations