At Icaria Health, we understand the fiscal challenges that aged care facilities are under. Utilising our services can be both beneficial for resident outcomes and be cost-effective.

Our team has an extensive understanding of ACFI and is able to help your facility optimise and increase funding through ACFI. Additionally, our team have a full understanding of Accreditation Standards and can help your facility with services and documentation that will help get you through your next accreditation.

Our services include

  • Maintaining and improving mobility and independence
  • Comprehensive Allied Health Assessments and input into the care plan
  • Regular Re-Assessments
  • Prescription and provision of mobility and functional aides
  • Individualised resident therapy plans
  • Tailored laminated exercise programs for display in each resident’s room
  • Chronic Pain Management Programs (ACFI approved)
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Falls prevention and awareness programs
  • Resident-funded allied health consultations
  • DVA funded allied health consultations (restrictions apply)
  • Medicare funded allied health consultations (restrictions apply)
  • Manual Handling Training
  • Staff education
  • ACFI audits, support and consultancy
  • Quality improvement programs
  • Workplace injury assessment and treatment
  • Close collaboration with the care team and other medical professionals involved